We envision a world where every child grows up in a loving family.




    BEB is a global nonprofit that leverages a one-of-a-kind technology, Children First Software, to help children living in institutions unite with loving families.


    Through Children First Software, known as CFS, we empower government authorities to move vulnerable children to their best future, a chance to grow and flourish in a loving family.


    Designed to transform the child welfare system and permanently change the way we see vulnerable children, Children First Software (CFS) is the only technology platform of its kind.

    CFS works to create digital profiles of children living in institutions around the world — activating the first of a five-phase process that follows the principles of the Hague Convention.

    Create a digital profile
    Build a Plan and Find a path to family
    Qualify prospective families
    Match a child to a family
    Ensure a successful placement

    With access to the child’s family history, demographics, and health records, social workers can better advocate for the child and begin the journey to place them in loving families.

    Scalable and configurable to each country’s unique needs, CFS empowers authorities to see and control a process that was previously absent and left children to languish for years in destitution.

    BEB collaborates with governments and organizations around the world by sharing Children First Software to help fix the global child welfare system.


    Institutions registered with CFS

    Children placed through CFS

    Children digitally profiled

    Read real stories of how CFS is sending children home. 

    CFS Reunites Two Brothers in Honduras

    Fabiola Pineda, BEB Latin America Regional Director, shares a story of two brothers reuniting in her home country, Honduras. Both of the boys were abandoned at a hospital at birth never knowing they had a sibling. One brother was in a children’s home in the northern...

    Zambia Delegation Hosted in Uganda

    Our team in Uganda had the privilege of hosting a Zambia delegation to demonstrate how Children First Software (CFS) works in their country. The two countries could discuss and collaborate on the best practices of CFS. They had the opportunity to visit a few...

    Ecuador and Paraguay Delegation – Plano, Texas

    The BEB team had the privilege to host an Ecuador and Paraguay delegation in Plano, TX. This was the first time in BEB history that two countries were brought together to discuss Children First Software (CFS). Read what our team and partners had to share during the...

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