BEB leadership took a trip to Nigeria and Ethiopia this past week to meet with their governments, visit a few children’s homes, conduct a first-ever African staff training, and ultimately further the work of Children First Software (CFS). Read some highlights from the trip: 

    CFS is helping track fake orphanages in Nigeria: The team met with one of our partners, ASOHON, in Nigeria and discussed the importance of CFS in their country, particularly around the issue of fake orphanages and child trafficking. CFS is proven to help the government track fake orphanages by keeping a record of the children entering and exiting a home. If the same children are entering and exiting the home frequently, the government knows there’s a problem and can further investigate.

    Our African staff participated in a four-day training conducted by our leadership team: The entire BEB African team gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for four days for team building and professional development. Our team that works in our partnering countries is often on the ground visiting children’s homes and attending government meetings. They have little to no time for team building. This training was a great time for our entire Africa team to connect and continue to develop professionally.