In the last six months, BEB and A Child’s Hope Foundation have been working to develop a Thrive Program in 5 children’s homes in Uganda. Each of these children’s homes are actively using Children First Software (CFS).  

    Through this project, A Child’s Hope assessed their homes’ abilities to meet the needs of children in their care. This assessment was created from the National Standards and Guidelines by the Uganda Government and the UN Convention on the Rights of Children.  There are 15 categories by which the homes are measured:  

    1. Right to Live with Family 

    2. Right to a Stable, Loving, and Nurturing Environment 

    3. Right to Health Care 

    4. Right to Nutrition 

    5. Right to Safe and Adequate Water and Right to Guidance 

    6. Right to be Heard and Participate in Decisions that Affect Them 

    7. Right to be Prepared for Active and Responsible Citizenship 

    8. Right to Be Protected from Abuse and Neglect 

    9. Right to Dignity and Freedom 

    10. Right to Spiritual Development 

    11. Finance Standards 

    12. Governance and Human Resource Standards  

    13. Facilities 

    14. Right to Quality Education 

    15. Right to Equal Opportunities 

    Through this assessment, the homes are identifying areas of strength and improvement. Because each of these children’s homes already implemented CFS, they had established information on each child under their care which allowed the assessments to be easily accessible. Now, each home has a roadmap outlining priorities to help the children’s homes thrive in each of the 15 standards of care.