BEB leadership recently had the opportunity to visit Ecuador for the signing of their MOU, the official start of CFS being utilized in homes. Talks with Ecuador began back in June 2022 and a plan was put in motion in January of 2023 to have Ecuador be our next country partner.  

    During the trip, BEB President Mark Schwartz and Chairman Bruce Graham visited with country leaders, visited an institution, and signed the MOU with the Ministerio de Inclusión Económica y Social (MIES). They were impacted the most by meeting with 2 families who had adopted children in Ecuador. The families got to share their adoption stories and one of the children got to speak with them about his personal experience of being adopted.  

    Currently, there are 2,200 institutionalized children living in 87 homes in Ecuador. Our country manager Gina Chacon and our BEB team have committed to uploading all of these children into CFS within the next 6 months. With the utilization of CFS, the adoption process time in Ecuador will be reduced to 9 months. The software will also save the country of Ecuador millions of dollars as they work to bring these children out of institutions and into loving families. The BEB team is confident that we will see more children reunified and adopted in Ecuador in the near future because of this visit.