This past week, a few members of the BEB team visited the beautiful country of Paraguay to meet with their government and visit many children’s homes. The purpose of the visit was to build our partnership with the Paraguayan government and see how Children First Software is directly being used in the children’s homes.

    Upon visiting with the Minister of Children in Adolescence (MINNA), Waler Gutiérrez mentioned how thankful he was for the support and commitment BEB has shown so far, and how anxious MINNA is to keep on moving forward with the implementation of CFS in Paraguay.

    The BEB team made it a priority to visit as many children’s homes as possible. Each home takes care of vulnerable and impoverished children in their areas. The team was able to tour the homes and hear the mission of each home with the implementation of CFS. The Vice Minister, Eduardo Escobar, also expressed gratitude towards BEB and how CFS will be an important factor in reaching the goal of reducing the number of children in institutions and placing them in family care faster and more efficiently.

    The next step with CFS in Paraguay leads to further implementation and working closely with the foster care system that is in place, hopefully getting those children and many other institutionalized children to permanent families. The visit was a huge success and a picture of the strong partnership between BEB and Paraguay.