With the work of Children First Software (CFS), children who never thought they would meet their biological family are now able to live under their care forever. A boy living in an institution in Uganda was placed with what the institution believed to be his biological family. Shortly after the boy was placed, he ran away back to the institution due to an unsafe environment. During the time that the boy was placed, the institution set up CFS and gave every child their digital identity. When the boy returned to the institution, the social workers set up a digital identity for the boy only to realize that the family he had been placed with was not his biological family.  

    Without CFS, the institution had no way of distinguishing between the boy and his biological family because he was placed in the institution at such an early age that he had no recollection of his biological family. However, through CFS, the institution was able to locate the boy’s biological family and reunite them at last. The boy is now in an environment where he has the ability to flourish and grow with his loving, biological family.  

    Institutions now have the resource they need to ensure that children are getting placed into the correct family. Through the resource of CFS, children with digital identities are guaranteed safety, their rights preserved, and hope for a forever family.