Paraguay, with a recent change of government, it has been possible to have several talented conversations and meetings with the new authorities. The Ministry of Children and Adolescents (MINNA) aims to use Children First Software (CFS) as soon as possible, a commitment made by the Minister, Attorney Walter GutiƩrrez.

    A government that understands the importance of digitally recording all the details of children in their process of returning to live in a loving family. This way they will also have real-time reports for managers and society.

    Several functionalities of CFS have been clarified, providing continuous training for it, and providing the support that characterizes us with our team in each country.

    Several new officials have been trained at MINNA, specifically in the profile and family registration modules. The pilot phase had already begun in the previous government and resuming these trainings with the new officials motivates both parties in alliance.

    Different meetings were held to discern which new software developments are essential for Paraguay to use CFS 100%. Deputy Minister Attorney Eduardo Escobar is working diligently to finalize the details of a new improved and expanded agreement between BEB and MINNA. This solid legal support will provide the state with certainty regarding the data and its storage. Also, recognize the support of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) ‘s support in signing this new agreement. The signing of this new agreement is expected for early or mid-February.

    A lot of work, commitment, responsibility, and full of hope that the impact will be positive for the most vulnerable, in such an important agreement with a clear vision of its leaders in Paraguay.

    -Fabiola Pineda, Latin America Regional Director