Hope for the Fatherless (HFTF) is the first children’s home that has partnered with BEB in Ethiopia. This partnership has resulted in HFTF being able to register all their children in Children First Software (CFS). CFS has continually proven to be useful at HFTF as the workers are now able to create plans for children to get adopted before they are even born.

    Since all children at HFTF now have digital identities through CFS, HFTF has launched a three-year project to cultivate domestic adoption and case management. This project will help 300 children find families through local adoption in Ethiopia. The agreement for the project signed by the Addis Ababa City Administration Finance Bureau (BoF) and the Addis Ababa Bureau of Women, Children, and Social Affairs (BoWCSA) has CFS listed as the case management system. At the project launch, BEB had the opportunity to present CFS to attendants from BoF and BoWCAS. The implementation of CFS in the project will open doors for more vulnerable children to be helped and showcase to BoF and BoWCAS the impact CFS has on child welfare. 

    HFTF’s partnership with BEB has been such a tremendous asset in building new relationships with other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) in Ethiopia. BEB is excited to reach more NGOs with the implementation of CFS and work with them to help place children into forever families.   

    Written By: Zena Gebregiorgis