Children First Software is expanding tremendously throughout the continent of Africa and throughout the world. Many countries that have implemented CFS, are discovering the various resources that it provides. In Kampala, Uganda, the BEB team partnered with many different people to help rescue children from the streets and place them in institutional care.  

    Kenneth Ayebazibwe, Regional Country Manager for BEB shares, “In Uganda, The BEB team, the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, Probation officers, and social welfare workers have rescued over 500 children from the streets of Kampala. These children are now living in the Naguru Reception Center, a government institution. We are busy providing each of these children with a digital profile on CFS. It’s amazing to see how CFS is becoming the cornerstone of the digital revolution in Uganda and around the world.” 

    The journey with each of these children does not stop with institutional care. Our hope is that through the help of CFS and social workers, many of these children would be reunited with family members or adopted. Every child belongs in a family and by creating digital identities for vulnerable children, they are one step closer to the family care they need.