The month of July was full of strengthening relationships through meetings, events and many other moments of bonding through a shared passion of making the world a better place for children. One event specifically that the BEB team is grateful to be a part of is the annual Ping Pong 4 Purpose tournament in Los Angeles, California, hosted by Kershaw’s Challenge, our newest partner. Both Ends Believing has been selected as a beneficiary of Kershaw’s Challenge this year, and with that brings many exciting events and opportunities.

    What does ping pong have to do with Both Ends Believing and vulnerable children? More than you might think…

    BEB is transforming child welfare in several countries by providing a sophisticated technology platform that empower foreign government child welfare ministries to make timely, well-informed decisions with respect to their orphans and vulnerable children. The intent is to place these children into families via reunification or adoption.

    This effort is underway in several countries, moving forward rapidly in the Dominican Republic, Uganda and Honduras. In the D.R., for example, over 90% of their orphan population is now registered and profiled and on a path to a family.

    Back to ping pong….as Both Ends Believing empowers governments, we also need to be empowered by others to do this work…

    Kershaw’s Challenge has come alongside BEB as a funding partner and as a supporter who is spreading awareness of our mission and our work. Besides their wide social media reach, they do this through two events each year. The first is just around the corner. On August 8, Clayton and Ellen Kershaw will host Ping Pong 4 Purpose on the infield at Dodger Stadium and Both Ends Believing will be one of the beneficiaries of the generosity of those who are honing their ping pong skills and planning to attend.

    We can’t wait!

    For more information about our partnership or about the event, you can visit: