Since March of 2020, the world has been hit with obstacles and heartache because of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The BEB team, more than ever, rallied together to commit to working hard for the sake of vulnerable children. There has not been a moment when our minds stop thinking about what they are going through with the pandemic while being isolated in institutions. Across the globe, our country managers remained motivated to progress the implementation of Children First Software, and facilitate the process that will unite the children in each of their countries with a family. 

    Below are recent updates and testimonials from the BEB international team; we are encouraged by their daily devotion to upholding our commitment: Children First, Family Forever.  

    Mario Matos

    Dominican Republic Country Manager 

    “When the Covid-19 pandemic was declared 18 months ago, everything around us started to change, as a state of emergency was declared, social distancing measures were put in place by the government and had to get used to all the restrictions implemented.  Very soon we had to make adjustment to continue with BEB’s work.  We quickly had to learn how to stay in touch through virtual platforms.  Though we no longer could interact with our partners face to face, we were able to continue facilitating training on the use of CFS to the workers who directly serve institutionalized children, so that they could continue entering the data that would expedite the process to get the most children possible with a loving family, even as we faced the pandemic. 

    With all the challenges faces, including some of our team members and partners getting sick with Covid-19, this past year, 91 adoption files were sent to the court system for approval, of which 35 were completed, while 56 where in process. 134 children were reunited with their family of origin. 

    45% of our population is already vaccinated and active cases of Covid-19 are rapidly decreasing.  Most of the country has reopened and very soon we will be able to go back to the field and contuse providing our services face to face, so that more care providers are properly trained, and more children can finally make it to a loving family.

    Mario Matos, Dominican Republic Country Manager 

    Kenneth Ayebazibwe

    Uganda Country Manager 

    “In Uganda, Ministry of Gender, Labour & Social Development is the lead agency for implementation of interventions for Children in Uganda. The Ministry is leading the implementation of the children first software within all licensed homes. These children have been provided with digital identities, and 1200+ social workers trained on the system usage. Because of your support, BEB has recruited a local support team comprised of a Country Manager & 5 Country Representatives whose main aim is to provide support to the Ministry in all technical issues of extending the software. 

    With the Profile module now at 80% Implementation within licensed homes, BEB is focused on having the remaining facilities being trained on Profile Module. Upon, implementation of the profile module, the Ministry intends to execute Planning module using the same training strategies to make sure all are using both modules of the system by 2022.  

    While the government has been the lead entity towards our success in Uganda as well as the commitment of the BEB Uganda Team, the COVID-19 pandemic has remained as a key challenge.  To ensure success, the team embarked on virtual trainings. Work has continued because the team is passionate and even works odd hours to ensure the institutions are supported whenever need arises.  

    Kenneth Ayebazibwe, Uganda Country Manager

    Angel Matias

    Guatemala Country Manager 

    “Some of the specific progress that comes to mind is coming to a near close of the profile module. From the get-go back in October 2020, our team has been working hard in getting started. We decided that our approach would be to focus first on profile module. For our team, this decision was mainly based on a plan that they had in mind to inform the institutions and then train them on CFS. Every week the goal is to inform and train around 5 or 6 facilities. Our team felt that this approach would fit in with everything that is going on with the pandemic. Since Guatemala is facing a very hard time with a high number of positive cases, which in fact keep rising now, it is a no-brainer to train virtually first and then once everything starts getting better, we can visit and further train on more specific things like adding important documents into CFS. Even though our efforts of staying home and trained from a distance, our CNA team faced a heartbreaking time after they heard that one of their colleagues passed away from COVID, they pressed on and found strength in helping vulnerable children. 

    I feel very honored, not only to be a part of the BEB team that clearly is growing every day in many different aspects. But also, to know that our Team can face, has faced, and will face everything that comes at them and do it with such heart that they won’t let anyone down. I know that our team is making a difference.” 

    Angel Matias, Guatemala Country Manager