Last year, we got to witness an incredible reunification of a son, Fekadu, and his mother reunified after many years of separation. Nine months have passed since Fekadu’s reunification with his mother. Fekadu is now 17 years old, and he is growing and excelling. Despite his school being far from where he lives, he still attends the same school and remains a good student. Fekadu visits Bosco Children’s Home weekly to meet his friends and practice soccer. He is exceptionally good at soccer and started working as a coaching assistant at Bosco. Fekadu has a big heart for his friends who still live at Bosco, especially those who, at this time, can not be reunified. He shared how many of these children get emotional even when they watch a family movie because it is a bleak reminder of how they have been separated from their own families. Fekadu wants to start working soon to help support these children at Bosco and himself. He understands what life looks like without the love and care of a family and wants to help children without families in any way he can.

    This story is one of great restoration. Fekadu once was a little boy who struggled immensely, living on the streets, not knowing where his next meal would come from. Through the work of Bosco Children’s Home and Children First Software (CFS), he is now thriving with his forever family.

    Click the link below to watch the video on Fekadu’s reunification journey: