The idea of going home for the holidays is something very familiar and comforting to most of us. However, for the 50-60,000 children living on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, home is not something they know anymore. Fekadu is one of those children who did not have a home to return to.

    Abandoned by his father as a child, Fekadu was left to provide for himself. He found himself begging on the streets, susceptible to addiction, and lost to the rest of the world. He thought he would go to the capital and find success, but he could only make a little money filling buckets as portable toilets.

    Separated from his family for 3 years, with no way to trace them, Fekadu had nowhere to go. He felt alone and hopeless living on the streets until he met Abba Angelo at Bosco Children’s Home. He told them about a program called “Come and See,” with the hopes of reintegrating impoverished children into their lost families. Bosco Children’s Home could provide Fekadu with what he needed: basic education, nourishment, and people to care for him.

    The thought of being reunited with his family was out of the realm of possibilities for Fekadu. Little did he know that BEB was working to provide his children’s home with the technology to make this dream a reality. What used to be near impossible with pen and paper, BEB made possible through CFS. Abba Angelo thought of Fekadu. The boy has no way to trace his family. The boy with nowhere to go.

    Fekadu wanted to find his family and be reunited with them. Through the work of CFS, their data was found in minutes. Seeing his mother for the first time in years, Fekadu was moved to tears. He and his mother were able to hold each other as a reunited family. His life was saved.

    Zena, BEB Ethiopia Country manager, explains, “At the heart of BEB’s mission, is to make sure that, through collaboration and technology, every child lives with a family. And I wake up every morning, knowing that children have a bright future because of CFS.” As one of these children, Fekadu can confidently say he is home for the holidays. Let us all be inspired by his story of hope and continue to see children like him return to loving homes.