We are making incredible progress at BEB with our CFS application and our success and entire technical platform is based on one key ingredient…the digital identity of a child. Without this digital record, any chance of a child in need of finding a family in a legal, permanent and safe setting is dramatically reduced to almost zero.

    With my travels to five African nations, Central America, and Caribbean countries over the last several years, I have been exposed to a wide array of orphanages and challenges associated with finding homes for children that are now growing up outside of family care. In each country and orphanage, it became apparent to me that our best chance at any impactful solution must focus on technology. For most countries confronting global child welfare issues, the lack of technology to organize information on a child has been a major stumbling block to family preservation, reunification, and child-focused permanency planning.

    BEB’s innovative technical partnership with Tyler Technologies has produced an incredible mobile solution that lets child welfare leaders, social workers, and support staff around the globe create these digital identities. Everything you can think of relating to a child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being is now being collected to ensure a child’s fundamental right to grow up in a safe family environment. BEB and country partners are starting to compare biometric data to existing databases to ensure that one accurate record can serve a vulnerable child in so many positive ways. A perfect example involves global child trafficking that can be reduced by facilitating more accurate aid efforts with accurate digital data on vulnerable children.

    Our CFS application is in a state of continual improvement based on actual use from our production environments. Even with the challenges surrounding COVID delays, digital identities for children around the world are increasing with the CFS application as welcomed technology and a perfect fit to solve a time sensitive problem.