BEB believes you can do your best work for children with the help of CFS.

    We want to partner with your government to implement Children First Software (CFS) for your children.


    CFS offers more than a profile. Providing unprecedented visibility into a child’s life, including birth and health records, history of family, and placements, it delivers data that translates into action.

    Secure Data Protection

    The cloud-based CFS platform provides the most secure environment for data, which is owned by central authorities and accessed only by permission-based controls.

    • Plans, which are created and controlled by central authorities, follow the principles of the Hague Convention: prioritizing reunification with immediate family followed by extended family, then domestic adoption, and, finally, intercountry adoption.
    • BEB contracts directly with central authorities, giving them sole control and discretion over data and the decisions made through CFS. Our full-time, in-country team members are vetted and qualified based on the country’s standards, serving as technical advisors, and trainers, and assisting in data collection.

    CFS goes beyond digital profiles to establish a transparent, highly structured process designed to identify a child’s best opportunity for family-based care.

    13 Countries Use CFS to Work for their Children

    Children have profiles in CFS

    Children returned to families with the help of CFS

    Institutions use CFS

    In addition to being transparent and measurable, CFS drives extraordinary efficiencies relative to the first phase of the process: registering children. What might take years, takes months using CFS and the CFS mobile app.

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