The Both Ends Believing team is winding up two weeks of groundbreaking work in this beautiful continent.

    In conjunction with the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare of Zambia, Both Ends Believing hosted a 6-nation Summit, our first outside the U.S. Joining the BEB team from the U.S. were 2 representatives from the Department of State (Office of Children’s Issues) and retired Ambassador Susan Jacobs.

    It was a remarkable 3-day Summit, as every country in attendance (Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Angola and Benin) indicated their clear intent to move forward with the deployment of Children First Software (CFS). Honorable Minister Emerine Kabanshi of Zambia opened the Summit:

    • “I wish to commend Both Ends Believing for your passion in promoting family-based outcomes for vulnerable children.”

    • “The development of Children First Software was a major milestone in addressing [the plight of] vulnerable children living outside of parental care.”

    • “The success of this initiative can see hundreds of thousands of children across the world to find loving, caring and supportive families.”

    But our work was not finished. We spent the day following the Summit with 8 representatives from the Zambian Ministry solidifying plans around their launch of CFS. The target for the registration of the first child using the CFS Profile Module is January, 2019. This child will be the first of thousands registered in Zambia using Profile, the foundation for the Planning Module setting these children on the path to realize their dream of a permanent, loving family.

    In her closing remarks, Minister Kabanshi said: “The seed you have planted will change the way child welfare programming is implemented.” Thank you. We couldn’t have said it better. Next post will cover the continuation of our travels to Kampala, Uganda.