Join Us

    Collaboration is key to our children’s success.

    If you believe, like us, that children living in institutions and orphanages should have the opportunity to grow and flourish in a loving family, help us through donations. If you can, share your knowledge on child health and education needs, insights to ensure successful family placements, or algorithms to enhance workflow systems within CFS. We ask foreign dignitaries and aides to share your resources or your access to leaders in the child welfare arena. Be a part of driving positive and permanent change for developing countries and vulnerable children across the globe.


    When you give to BEB, you will be helping to facilitate the gathering of available data on all children living in dispersed institutions and orphanages, supporting social workers as they investigate living relatives or prospective families, and helping to ensure central authorities and local child advocates are trained on the software.


    BEB has helped create digital profiles for over 17,000 children, aided in reuniting nearly 400 children with their families, and enabled close to 100 children to find adoptive families. As BEB seeks to expand into additional countries, register more vulnerable children, and ensure those registered continue on a path to family-based care, we must also expand our delivery partners.


    BEB was founded on the shoulders of hundreds of child advocates across the world who sought a better way to support institutionalized children. BEB’s existence is an example of what can happen when we put our minds together to solve the seemingly unsolvable. We continue to seek partnerships with corporations, individuals and organizations to advance our mission.

    We know what will produce the best outcome for a child. We all agree every child deserves a family. We also believe that moving vulnerable children out of institutions and into families requires a system of reliable data and information. In 6 years we have formed one common thought and created a tool to make our collective vision a reality. What we have done since Harvard has been productive and impressive. Now we must ask… how can we accelerate the pace of change and create a better future, faster.

    Craig Juntunen, Founder