Dear Friends of Both Ends Believing,

    Nothing has the power to brighten the holiday season quite like the face of a happy child. Unfortunately, for millions of orphan children around the world, happiness is a distant dream. For our team at Both Ends Believing, our hearts ache for the world’s most vulnerable population – orphans in developing countries. Many of us have visited orphanages all over the world. We enter and leave with a lump in our throat every time. Children rush up to us to be held, hugged, noticed. Chaos usually reigns. Then the day’s chaos gives way to a sad silence as these children fall asleep wondering: “Will I always be alone? Will I ever have a family that loves me?”

    These thoughts and the faces of these children are with us every day and are our motivation. That’s why we are writing a powerful and compelling story that we want you to be part of. Our story is a collection of individual stories of these children realizing their dreams of a family. In several countries, we are finishing the first chapter and in others we are just beginning to write the prologue. In chapter one, we have built the foundation of the story by registering and creating records on over 12,000 orphans. More specifically: 

    Working closely with the Dominican Republic government, we have registered 100% of their orphans using Children First Software that BEB developed in partnership with Tyler Technologies. The D.R. aims to reduce its orphan population to zero and recognizes the contribution of BEB as foundational to this effort.

    Following the same roadmap as in the D.R., we are working alongside the Honduras government, where 30% of their orphans have been registered.

    Both Ends Believing is making great strides in Uganda as well. We are in the process of implementing our software in every licensed orphanage in the country.

    The progress we are making in these countries has been made possible with the generosity of people like you who share our passion for these forgotten children.

    Now we ask you to play a part in the next chapter with these countries, which is the pinnacle of the story. It’s where these children, now registered and documented, will be forever united with families who can provide them the love and care they have always longed for. 

    Both Ends Believing also plays a critical role in this chapter. Our plans for 2020 include:

    Continuing the build-out of Children First Software. Placement and Monitoring modules are in the testing phase. Not only do we want to see children in families, we also want to do what we can to ensure positive long-term outcomes for these children.

    Accelerating the registration of orphans in our current countries and getting them on plans so their dreams of a family can become a reality more quickly. Every single day matters in the lives of these children. By the end of 2020, we expect to have registered over 20,000 children.

    Expanding our reach to other countries. BEB responds to invitations from the child welfare ministries of foreign governments. Invitations are increasing as our work is gaining notoriety. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity currently to follow through on all these requests.

    BEB is changing the world one country at a time; one child at a time. It is a big story but it’s also the story of each individual child. Please consider contributing to the next chapter in the Dominican Republic, Honduras or Uganda where the foundation has been laid. Maybe you would prefer to help us write the first chapter in new countries in Africa and Latin America and be on the ground floor with us as our work kicks off.

    Either way, on behalf of orphans and vulnerable children everywhere, we are grateful for your support.

    From, The Both Ends Believing Team

    With your help, we can create tens of thousands of pictures just like this one.