The BEB team has been busy planning best ways we can tell you more about BEB and how you can become more involved in the future! We are looking forward to meeting with you in new ways virtually as well as hopefully getting back to in-person community outreach.

    First and foremost, we hope you will take the time to browse our new website – we’ve created it with you in mind. Adding the term “global” to our web address and accounts has been a positive decision in connecting with a broader audience as well as conveying our message more clearly online.

    Along with these new branding updates, we brainstormed on ways we believe you and other dedicated supporters for child welfare can use the website to advocate and align with BEB.

    For countries – We want to partner with you by providing a solution for your child welfare processes. BEB contracts directly with central authorities, giving them sole control and discretion over data and the decisions made through CFS. We serve as technical advisors and trainers, as well as an additional resource to assist in the collection of data. This is done through our full-time, in-country team members who are vetted and qualified based on the country’s standards.

    Our website offers you a way to engage with BEB by scheduling a demonstration of CFS. Let us show you the possibilities for your team. Work with us to expand CFS throughout the world to help fix the global child welfare system, once and for all.

    For individuals – We want to help you accomplish your goals to invest in the lives of children. When you give to BEB, your donation goes to support implementation of CFS in a developing country. You will be helping to facilitate the gathering of available data on all children living in dispersed institutions and orphanages, supporting social workers as they investigate living relatives or prospective families, and helping to ensure central authorities and local child advocates are trained on the software.

    The BEB website introduces you to this one-of-a-kind opportunity to maximize your gift to BEB. When you invest your dollar with BEB it is multiplied – with every successful implementation, thousands of vulnerable children have the chance to exit institutions into the loving arms of a family.

    For child welfare organizations – We want to partner with you to drive permanent and perpetual good for children.

    If you believe, like us, that children living in institutions and orphanages should have the opportunity to grow and flourish in a loving family, help us by sharing your expertise, your resources or your access to leaders in the child welfare arena. Be a part of driving positive and permanent change for developing countries and vulnerable children across the globe.

    Lastly, our team recently finished a Global Hope Campaign on social media providing more insight to the progress with implementation of Children First Software in our current country partners. We were reminded that there is so much to do to accomplish the goal of ending pain and suffering for insitutionalized children around the world. BEB’s focus in 2021 is to not only implement CFS but to accelerate the placement of these children into families. We hope you visit the BEB social accounts for more information.

    Any way you can support or help BEB’s mission matters. Any amount donated or posts shared matters. Join the journey with us today!