Revitalization of the global child welfare system is desperately needed. Coming together to advocate for vulnerable children, participating in movements for change and supporting organizations who share the same heart for these children is the solution.
    Many people have approached caring for orphans the same way. Research has revealed what works, what doesn’t, and what truly is best for vulnerable children. Today, more than ever, we are needing to come together to truly create the positive change we are all seeking.

    What are the facts?

    Millions of children need families.


    Nearly 140 million children are orphans, having lost one or both of their parents
    15.1 million have lost both of their parents
    In the US alone, over 400,000 children are in the foster care system
    Institutions sometimes seem like the only option from the outside. BEB’s goal is not to fill these institutions, but to empty them, encouraging a new era where vulnerable children grow up with a loving family.
    Orphan Myth a movement of experienced professionals, NGOs, faith-leaders, influencers and businesses dedicated to ensuring every child has a safe and loving family —through reunification, family-based care (including adoption when it is the best option). There is a powerful network of leaders involved who share BEB’s goal, and you can join the journey today.
    This campaign comes at the perfect time, uniting charities, businesses, churches, and individuals to help all children find a safe and loving home. The goal is to create groups of people, in which 100% of that group will donate in any capacity.
    Together we can channel our efforts and resources to provide children separated from or without a safe and loving family all around the world. We’re on a journey learning together – supporting organizations with proven results. 100% participation is needed to give 100% of vulnerable children a loving family.
    To learn more about 100% Participation Campaign and the Orphan Myth, click here.
    You can begin forming your team today until April 8th for the 100% Participation Campaign by choosing BEB and inviting your own network to reach 100% participation. Click here to get started!