Nigeria began using CFS in November 2022. As a country, Nigeria faces many challenges in their child welfare system and, through the help of BEB, are beginning to make advances. In July, the National President of the Association of Orphanages and Home Operators in Nigeria (ASOHON), Dr. Gabriel Oyediji, delivered a speech at their general conference. Our Africa Regional Director, Kenneth Ayebazibwe, was able to attend this conference and hear from Dr. Oyediji. The theme of the event was “Advocating for Change: Policy and Legislative Measures in Support of Orphan Welfare in Nigeria.”  

    Dr. Oyediji began by detailing the challenges they are facing in their child welfare system; including limited public awareness, emotional/psychological well-being of children, child trafficking, education of children, and sustainability of orphanage operations. He specifically highlighted the work being done by BEB in Nigeria, stating, “We are grateful to BEB for the opportunity to learn from your organization’s expertise and experience; and we can work with your organization to improve the lives of children everywhere with a vision to create a brighter, more convenient environment for child development. We are excited and privileged to have opportunities for collaboration and partnership with your organization. Your groundbreaking work in developing software for children in orphanages and your organization’s commitment to collaboration and partnership is also commendable. Your willingness to work with other organizations and stakeholders to achieve your goals is a testament to the importance of community and collaboration in achieving positive social change.” 

    We are so grateful for the progress the Africa BEB team has made in implementing change in Nigeria. There is more work to be done to address the challenges Nigeria is facing, but we are confident that we will see the impact of CFS in the children of Nigeria for years to come. We are working diligently to ensure the well-being and reunification of all children placed in institutions.