BEB celebrates 5,779 children who have returned to family with the help of Children First Software

    National Reunification Month closes as a time to promote efforts to keep children in families

    June 30, 2023 – As National Reunification Month comes to a close, we recognize the work being done to bring children out of a variety of circumstances and back to their families. BEB gets a firsthand glimpse of children moving from institutions to biological families in countries across the globe with the help of Children First Software (CFS). To date, decision-makers have reunified 5,779 children because CFS gives them transparent and reliable information.

    One of the recent stories from the BEB Uganda team is the perfect example of what reunification looks like. Five siblings (four sisters and one brother) were victims of child abandonment and placed in separate institutions due to age limitations in Uganda. The brother was under five years old and was separated from his four sisters. Without the use of CFS, there was no way of knowing if these children were siblings and had any living family.

    While visiting the facility where the sisters lived, the BEB team discovered their brother was registered in CFS at another facility. As a result, the team was not only able to reunite the siblings, but they are now actively working to reunify the five of them with their paternal uncle. With the help of CFS, these children will soon leave the institutions and return to their family.

    We want this story to be echoed across the world so more governments and child welfare workers will use CFS to expedite the placement of institutionalized children into families. BEB is working diligently to expand their reach and efforts in Africa and Latin America.

    About BEB

    BEB was founded in January 2010 as a 501(c)(3) organization to promote systemic change for vulnerable children. BEB works to capture comprehensive digital profiles of children through Children First Software (CFS), a technology-driven advocate designed to identify a child’s best opportunity for family-based care. Partnering with countries around the world, we transform the process to move children to their best future, a chance to grow and flourish in a loving family.


    Margaret Elizabeth McKissack

    Vice President, External Affairs, BEB