Over 8,000 institutionalized, Ugandan children now have digital records, putting them on the path to families 

    BEB and the Government of Uganda celebrate progress for vulnerable children through Children First Software

    Plano, Texas – January 31, 2022 – BEB and Uganda’s Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) announced last week that 8,000 children from licensed, Ugandan children’s homes now have digital profiles in BEB’s Children First Software (CFS), putting them on the path to family care. This statistic reflects an additional 5,000 children with profiles in CFS since the start of 2021. 

    BEB Leaders met with the MGLSD team on January 25 to present the Global Child Protector award and to review first-ever, comprehensive reports of Ugandan children living in licensed institutions and their needs. BEB Founder Craig Juntunen shared about the award, “Despite many obstacles in their way [Uganda] gathered the courage and resolve to produce real, sustainable change.” President Mark Schwartz told MGLSD Commissioner Mondo and his team, “Uganda is a bright light for our mission for children… and an example for all of Africa by taking the first step. Accomplishing what you have through COVID and quarantine is amazing.” 

    The statistical report provided by MGLSD shares that 149 approved homes are currently using CFS, Uganda’s alternative care management information system. 621 Ugandan social workers have been trained to use the software. The report provided that “usage of CFS will be a requirement for licensure and will support the Ministry in its effort to elevate overall standards.” 

    Also critical to success in 2021 was the Tiny Hearts project that focuses on the youngest children in institutions and applies all CFS modules to accelerate their placement. The project began in the last quarter of the year; of 21 children who have records in CFS, 15 were reunified with biological family and 6 are in the process of adoption. This pilot continues to enforce that when users take advantage of the entirety of CFS it equips them to quickly and correctly place a child into a family. 

    The Commissioner ended his remarks, “We pray that this year will bring hope and smiles on the faces of children. Every child deserves a place called home. Every child deserves a shorter trip home. Every child deserves to be loved and protected unconditionally. While we are happy about the successes we have made, we also know there is a lot more we need to do.” 

    About BEB 

    BEB was founded in January 2010 as a 501(c)(3) organization to promote systemic change for vulnerable children. BEB works to capture comprehensive digital profiles of children through Children First Software (CFS), a technology designed to identify a child’s best opportunity for family-based care. Partnering with countries around the world, BEB transforms the process to move children to their best future, a chance to grow and flourish in a loving family. 

    Margaret Elizabeth McKissack 

    Vice President, External Affairs, BEB 

    margaretelizabeth@bebglobal.org  |  214.850.7532