Both Ends Believing and Orphan Outreach Partner in Guatemala to Promote Family Care for Children 

    Texas-based non-profit expands the reach of Children First Software 

    Dallas, Texas (August 25, 2020) – Both Ends Believing (BEB) announced today that its technology platform, Children First Software (CFS), will be implemented in Guatemala. BEB and La Asociacion Ninez con Futuro (ANIFU), the Guatemala NGO of Orphan Outreach, signed an agreement in connection with projects ANIFU is undertaking for the Guatemala government, specifically el Consejo Nacional de Adopciones (CNA). ANIFU’s work is focused on drafting personnel policies and procedures, as well as guidelines for inter-agency collaborations for CNA. 

    ANIFU highlighted the need for sophisticated technology as the missing piece of their workplans and Orphan Outreach identified BEB’s Children First Software as the ideal solution. 

    BEB President Mark Schwartz noted: “What we have witnessed all over the world is a lack of accessible, digital data on vulnerable children. This challenge constrains the ability of governments to make timely, well-informed decisions about their children’s futures. Guatemala has recognized this need and BEB is honored to be able to provide, implement and support Children First Software at no cost, as is the case everywhere we work. We are grateful to CNA, ANIFU and Orphan Outreach for the opportunity to work together on behalf of the vulnerable children of Guatemala.” 

    Both Ends Believing is enabling sustainable change to the child welfare systems of several Latin America countries. The work in Guatemala will follow the CFS implementation blueprint now well established in the Dominican Republic and Honduras. The ultimate outcome is that comprehensive digital records will be created for the approximately 5,000 children living in Guatemala institutions today. Capturing and utilizing this data will serve as a springboard to moving these children from institutional care to safe, nurturing families. 

    Austin South, Latin America Regional Director for Orphan Outreach who has been working in Guatemala for several years, commented: “We have long been aware of the need for timely, useful comprehensive data on Guatemala’s children, but only when we encountered BEB’s Children First Software did we truly see a viable solution to meet this need.” Mike Douris, President of Orphan Outreach, added: “I have known several of the leaders of BEB for many years. I know their hearts and their capabilities. They will serve the children of Guatemala well.” 

    As the world continues to face the pandemic, BEB realizes that the impact on the most vulnerable populations is especially severe. Children living in overcrowded institutions in under-resourced countries are these most vulnerable. The global health crisis gives even more urgency to this work and to the desire to very soon see these children enjoy the benefits that families provide. 

    About Both Ends Believing 

    Both Ends Believing was founded in 2010 as a 501(c)(3) organization to promote systemic change on behalf of vulnerable children. BEB works to capture comprehensive digital profiles of children through Children First Software, a technology-driven solution designed to identify a child’s best opportunity for family-based care. Partnering with countries around the world, we transform the process to move children to their best future, a chance to grow and flourish in a loving family.