Progress of CFS in Tanzania

    News provided by the Tanzania Ministry of Social Development, Gender, Women, and Special Groups

    November 13, 2023 – The Social Welfare Commissioner has said that the completion of the CFS for registering children living in children’s homes will facilitate access to accurate data for decisions and consistent government plans in serving that group within the community.

    Opening a one-day workshop for stakeholders who go through and give feedback on the requirements for the creation of the system on August 29, 2023, in Dodoma, he said that the completion of the system will provide an opportunity to also prepare interventions for children’s issues.

    Commissioner Nandera has said that there are currently more than four thousand shelters in the country, but coordination and access to quick information have been difficult to determine. “The completion of this system will help to improve the upbringing of children, but it will also facilitate the communication and treatment of those shelters, so the coming of the system, we say, is the need to deal with the various stages of the upbringing of children,” said Nandera.

    Earlier, the Assistant Commissioner for Social Welfare who deals with children, Baraka Makona, said the need for a system has become important due to the current time many things are digital.

    A stakeholder from BEB, Lightness Aquilline, said that they as development stakeholders are proud to work with the Government and especially the Ministry of Social Development, Gender, Women, and Special Groups so they will continue to contribute throughout the completion of the System and to serve it.

    Completion of the system, it will be possible to have data that will enable them to know where they are and the various stages they are going through in their development.

    Various stakeholders attended the workshop, including owners of houses, Social Welfare Officers of Dodoma Regional Councils, PACT Tanzania organization as well and sectoral ministries.


    Margaret Elizabeth McKissack

    Vice President, External Affairs, BEB