Later today, the BEB team will board a flight (actually, several flights) to return to Uganda. “Return” seems like a simple word, but it has implications for our work.

    It means “We’re coming back!” We were in Kampala last August. We’ve had weekly calls with Uganda since then. Now it’s time to once again sit down together and assess where we’ve been and where we’re going.

    When a mission-driven organization goes back to a country and keeps going back, relationships grow, trust builds and credibility increases. Both parties made promises and delivered, firming up the foundation from which to move forward.

    Working closely with Uganda’s Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, we developed very detailed plans. Implementation has now moved from the pilot stage to a much wider circle – all licensed orphanages in the country.

    Although just 3 of us will be on the plane, we bring the entire team with us. This means YOU! While this is figurative unless you hurry and pack, it is nonetheless real. Your support empowers BEB, enabling us to empower Uganda’s Ministry of Gender, enabling them to ultimately place tens of thousands of orphaned children into families.

    Thank you! Every day matters in the lives of these children. Together let’s make the vision of every child in a family a reality. 

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