Children First Software (CFS) has improved the documentation of children’s information and is allowing more time and attention to be directed to the holistic development of children within children’s homes. During the BEB team visit to Nsambya Baby’s Home, supervisor Sarah Namala (who also oversees Kankobe Children’s Home) had nothing but kind words to share about her experience using CFS. The tool is making supervision much easier as she oversees the work of both homes in terms of general children’s welfare and care. 

    Namala explained that prior to CFS, she could only supervise the homes through in-person visits, costing not only resources and money but a lot of time. Most of Namala’s trips consisted of traveling 70 to 80 miles. On rainy days with the bad, rural roads in the country, she would have to spend the night at one of the homes as the road were impassable, causing her to miss work deadlines. Due to CFS, she can now check on the homes and children’s cases by simply logging in and checking on their progress. She follows up with a phone call if there are any concerns, leaving in-person supervision visits only once a month or quarterly based on the needs. 

    Namala stated that because of CFS, children are getting the quality attention they need, she is collecting more accurate data on children in the homes, the files are more complete, and the homes are maintaining a closer relationship with the Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development (MGLSD). CFS not only helps change a child’s life but allows it to be done in an efficient and cost-effective way.