BEB and Show Hope announce a partnership to promote domestic adoptions in Uganda and ensure more children can live in loving families and realize their fullest potential. Under the terms of the agreement, Show Hope will provide a grant to BEB for the express purpose of offering financial aid to Ugandan prospective adoptive parents who have the heart to adopt but face financial barriers.

    While most of the placements facilitated by BEB’s Children First Software result in family reunifications, the team is witnessing domestic adoption take deeper root in several of the countries that use CFS, and Uganda is no exception.

    Both BEB and Show Hope work to eliminate barriers to the transition of children from institutional care into families. One of these barriers is lack of readily accessible digital records on children as well as prospective parents. This inhibits the possibility for timely, well-informed decision-making about a child’s future. Children First Software addresses this barrier.

    Likewise, many prospective parents around the world who could provide loving homes face serious financial constraints. Show Hope meets this need.

    Kenneth Ayebazibwe, BEB Africa Regional Director, shares why this partnership is so critical for the children of Uganda. “Research shows that a child loses one month off their developmental milestones for every three months spent in institutional care. The grant from Show Hope comes in a timely way to enable children to grow up in a loving family, which they strongly deserve to help them attain better development and emotional milestones.”

    Working in concert with Uganda’s visionary Ministry of Gender, the puzzle pieces to expand domestic adoption are in place (See below). As a result, domestic adoption should become a meaningful part of the solution to ensure that children do not grow up in institutions.

    Frank Garrott, BEB Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, shares, “The generosity of Show Hope will serve as a catalyst for children living in institutions to have the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential in secure, loving families when they cannot be safely reunified with biological family and for Ugandan prospective adoptive parents to realize their dreams of family. Furthermore, the support of Show Hope will help raise the visibility of domestic adoption in Uganda and be a beacon of light for other countries in the region.”

    To date, 9,872 Ugandan children are registered in CFS. 1,655 have been placed in families, almost all through reunification, and we are confident the number of children adopted will grow because of this partnership.

    “Show Hope is honored to partner with BEB in directly impacting children and families in Uganda,” shares Kristin Parks, Show Hope’s Executive Director. “For nearly 20 years, guided by Founders Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman, Show Hope’s Adoption Aid grants have helped more than 8,100 children come to know the love, security, and permanency of a family. Historically, our Adoption Aid grants have primarily impacted families within the U.S. who are adopting domestically or internationally, so this partnership is a significant step for us in expanding our mission of reducing barriers to adoption.”