In July 2022, Show Hope entered into an agreement with BEB to help support Ugandan families who were ready to adopt but encountered financial barriers. One of the first families benefiting from this partnership is a family, which is adopting their foster child – a son.  

    The foster mom to the little boy, shares her experience of trying to adopt: “I had been wanting to adopt the little boy since I got him, but due to financial difficulty during COVID-19, I was not able to do so. BEB and Show Hope partnered together to create a digital record for the child and help with legal fees. Through this generous gift, the adoption process is moving along and will be expedited. I would like to share my gratitude on behalf of my entire family for helping vulnerable children like my soon-to-be son.” 

    For the family, their lives have been changed forever. But most importantly, because the family decided to move toward adoption, the little boy’s future is positively impacted forever, not only in his lifetime but for generations to come. As Children First Software continues to expand around the world, our hope is that more families in the countries we serve, choose to adopt. Through CFS and partnerships like that with Show Hope, vulnerable children will be able to experience the love of a family much faster.