Every person has a story – a unique story that is beautiful and valued. However, for millions of children around the world, parts of their stories, or even their story entirely, have been lost. For many institutionalized children, their stories have been swept away in hurricanes or lost in the shuffle of unstable living conditions. At BEB, our goal is to help ensure every institutionalized child has each chapter of their life digitally documented so they can move back to a safe and loving family, a true, happy ending.  

    We implement CFS globally to empower local users such as children’s home workers and social workers to access a child’s entire life through digital documents at the touch of a finger, reducing the chance of a chapter or page of their story being lost.  

    CFS binds a child’s story together; technology is the glue to make that possible. This year, you will notice that we follow the theme “Stories Restored” as we share the BEB story with you and our community. BEB is not just about software. It’s about using software for GOOD, so thousands of children’s lives are changed for the better.    

    We have seen the direct impact this makes in children’s homes by children’s home workers or social workers not having to search for countless hours to find one child’s document. Now, they can simply bring a tablet to a court hearing for a child because all their documents are in a digital case management system. Every institutionalized child is accounted for in CFS. These children’s stories are forever restored.