Just within the past year, BEB has had the privilege of partnering with four new African countries including Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria, and Tanzania. Over the past several months, the Africa BEB team has been working diligently by conducting meetings with government officials about the implementation of CFS in their countries, providing training on CFS to workers in institutions, and helping institutions build digital profiles for the children under their care. 

    In Ethiopia, the BEB team has worked with Hanna Orphans Home (HOH) to help train their workers to use CFS as well as create a digital profile for every child in the home. This home was founded by Hanna Teshome in 1994 and has ever since made it their mission to care for marginalized children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Following the implementation of CFS in HOH, the Ethiopia BEB team trained 6 new social workers that work for an organization called Bring Love In to use CFS. This organization has 10 children’s homes with 70 children under their care. They are excited to start the journey of placing children in permanent families by giving them digital identities. 

    In Malawi, the BEB team has been working closely with the Deputy Director of Social Welfare to show and explain how CFS could be used. There have been 12 homes in Malawi that have already agreed upon the training and implementation of CFS. The BEB team is eager to begin training social workers in institutions on how CFS is used. 

    In Nigeria, ASOHON and the BEB team have been working closely together to start the training and implementation of CFS in 16 different institutions across Nigeria. So far, the BEB team has already trained and implemented CFS in 6 of the institutions, having created digital profiles for over 300 children. As a part of creating digital profiles, the Nigeria BEB team has spent time helping weigh and measure each one of those children. 

    In Tanzania, the Ministry of Gender, Welfare Officers, members of the Tanzanian IT Task Force, and the BEB team have been working together to discuss the use of CFS in their country. The Tanzania BEB team will soon start working with many social workers to help train and implement CFS in each home in Tanzania. With the rampant movement of CFS across Tanzania, BEB has officially translated CFS into Swahili, making it easier to reach their goal of creating digital identities for every child in institutional care. 

    The progress of BEB in Africa does not stop within the borders of these four countries; Uganda has recently certified BEB as a data protection organization within their government and is still working to train and implement CFS in new homes. As BEB develops within these countries, our hope is that more and more countries will join us in the fight to help children find a permanent place to call home.