It was a privilege to represent BEB at the 3rd World Without Orphans Global Forum in Chiang Mai, Thailand in early March. 

    BEB has begun to work with the WWO affiliate organizations in Zambia and Sierra Leone, where they have played a key role in connecting BEB to those federal governments. Implementations of our Children First Software have begun in these countries, and we anticipate opportunities in new countries through other WWO affiliates. 

    The Forum itself was an inspirational gathering of about 500 participants from almost 70 countries sharing the common bonds of responding to the cry of the orphan and doing so from a conviction that our faith calls us to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. WWO’s vision to see every child in a safe, nurturing family aligns with that of BEB. 

    It was an encouragement to witness collaboration between the Christian Alliance for Orphans and the World Without Orphans. The Forum was structured similarly to the CAFO Summits with wonderful plenary speakers, informative breakout sessions, and moving worship. I wish I could have brought family, friends, and colleagues with me to experience the unrivaled joy of singing praise songs with Christian brothers and sisters from around the world. 

    For the furtherance of BEB’s mission, the ultimate benefit of the Forum was the many sidebar conversations with like-minded, but culturally different, new friends that I believe will result in opportunities to work in several new countries.

    – Frank Garrott, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships