Hope for the Fatherless (HFTF) in Ethiopia has started implementing Children First Software (CFS) in their children’s home. During the implementation of CFS at the home, a young, expectant mom was referred to HFTF. Due to challenging circumstances, the mom made the decision to place her baby for adoption. With the help of CFS, HFTF staff created a plan for the baby before the baby was even born. The plan guarantees adoption shortly after birth, resulting in the baby never having to live in a government institution. 

    On May 18th, 2022, the mother gave birth to a healthy, beautiful, baby girl. The process for the baby’s adoption has proven to be drastically more efficient through CFS as the software keeps all her information and documents on one digital profile. 

    Right now, the baby girl is being cared for at HFTF as her adoption finalizes. She is the first newborn baby to be fully registered on CFS at HFTF and certainly not the last. The progress of CFS in HFTF will allow more babies to be adopted at a faster rate which will help bridge the gap of institutionalized care and family care. 

    “HFTF is grateful for an easy and accessible way to immediately document all the baby’s paperwork and set a plan for her, all thanks to CFS!”

    Zena Gebregiorigis