At Both Ends Believing we spend a lot of time measuring progress and evaluating how effective our software program has been each quarter. The metrics are too numerous to list here but I can assure you that the Children First Software (CFS) application, enables our partnering countries to keep track of a significant amount of data that helps children get on a path to a family. In support of that data, our latest CFS release includes state of the art reporting that will assist our government partners in tracking movement of children, regional trends relating to a child’s health, user efficiency and potential delays during the reunification or adoption process.
    When reflecting on our newest CFS release and our overall progress for 2020, it becomes more apparent that our number one goal for 2021 is to facilitate the outcome we all desire – more children in safe, loving families. I realize that I’m stating the obvious however, it’s important for us at BEB to focus on the many details our technology requires while at the same time keep the “big picture” of children in families as our top priority.
    Utilizing CFS, central authorities around the world are starting to place children living in institutional care into families. For the sake of these children, urgency is a hallmark of the work of BEB. It is our good fortune to have world class technology and committed leadership in our partnering countries. This support reinforces the need to expedite our software implementations.
    With key partnerships now established, CFS is set to expand in Latin America and Africa. My expectation is that by the end of 2021 we will be able to report that our CFS application has been implemented in production environments for several new countries. Based on our 2020 results, I can confidently state that as our program is expanded into new countries, the result will be increased family reunifications and adoptions benefitting the precious children whose faces stay with us and whose stories remind us every day why we do what we do.
    -Mark Schwartz, President of Both Ends Believing