Welcome to the first Both Ends Believing blog post. The purpose of this new communications vehicle is to spread awareness to the global child welfare community through our team’s experiences as well as the experiences and opinions of our colleagues and friends. In this blog, we will cover a variety of topics surrounding vulnerable children, technology, teamwork, travel and family.

    Both Ends Believing supports Child Welfare Ministries around the world in establishing identities for their vulnerable children through electronic records, creating a foundation to secure their path to a family. As our work continues to expand initially in Africa, Latin America and eventually the rest of the world, thousands of children will finally enjoy a sense of belonging to a permanent family, experience the love they have needed throughout their young lives and realize the opportunity to reach their potential.

    From the founding of Both Ends Burning in 2010 to Both Ends Believing today, we have progressed and look optimistically toward the future as we build relationships and continue to learn. We will use this platform to speak in depth about critical issues within and surrounding global child welfare. We also hope to connect to other passionate individuals across the globe to share Both Ends Believing’s mission, vision and goals for the future of vulnerable children. Delegates from 18 countries gathered at Harvard in 2014 to form the Global Working Group (now 30 countries strong). Following through on the discussions at Harvard and subsequent symposiums, we envision this blog as a resource that will inform and solidify a community committed to making positive global change for children.

    Our first update will be posted later this week highlighting our very successful First African Summit. We plan to post on this platform a few times each month, to keep you informed on the progress of our organization and spread awareness on specific topics in the global child welfare arena that reflect our passion. Thank you for supporting and helping us to transform global child welfare through technology and collaboration. Thank you for believing in our vision: that every child deserves a family.