In 2012, Giving Tuesday was established, beginning a global, annual movement of goodness through philanthropy. This was the first giving day open to anyone who wanted to show up and give to their community or a cause that was close to them.
    The shared value of generosity, partnership, collaboration, and kindness have remained the foundation of Giving Tuesday but the amount organizations that have come together has grown massively, evolving the giving culture around the world and making a substantial impact to important missions around the world.
    This has been an unusual, disconnected year. Now more than ever we need each other to emphasize these values and bring positive change to the world. Even while practicing social distancing, we still have the power to do good and be kind. Generosity can heal and unite those who are in need, especially during these challenging times.
    As millions deal with the economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, a major challenge is that there has been a record low for giving back this year. We recognize that there are so many people around the world simply trying to get through 2020 and find stability again. Giving Tuesday is about helping however you can, and celebrating gifts of all kinds, financial and non-financial.
    I think we’re all suffering in a collective way, and I think Giving Tuesday will actually be extra special this year because we can respond to that collective, universal suffering with universal generosity,” said Asha Curran, CEO of #GivingTuesday.
    Giving Tuesday
    This Giving Tuesday YOU have the unique opportunity to join this movement without having to go anywhere. Set up a video chat, call an old friend, write a nice note, post positive affirmations online, support a cause financially, help to continue spreading generosity this year.
    If you are able to this year, you can also stand up for the vulnerable. Children around the world are isolated in institutions, waiting for the love and care they deserve. This year especially has taken a toll on the progress to transform child welfare, but that has not stopped Both Ends Believing from working tirelessly on behalf of vulnerable children.
    We believe every child deserves to experience love, safety, security, and reach their full potential in life from family-based care. When you give to BEB, your donation supports implementation of CFS in a developing country, and also helps to expand into more countries. You will be directly helping a child have a digital identity and be placed on a effective path to a family.
    If you believe, like us, that children living in institutions and orphanages should have the opportunity to grow and flourish in a loving family, please support Both Ends Believing this Giving Tuesday.
    Help BEB and many other great organizations this year to make a difference, regardless of the obstacles.
    You can make your donation now by clicking this link: