Both Ends Believing is a unique organization in many ways. Our passionate, diligent employees have grown in number within the past year, now spread across the globe. These include two recent college graduates that have completely exceeded our expectations. Steven Scally and Michael Tran have become an essential, wonderful part of our team.

    These two University of Texas at Dallas students learned about the mission of BEB first hand from being involved through a class project in early 2018. Steven and Michael demonstrated intellectual, creative contributions to the development of Children First Software in their project. After graduating, Michael with a degree in Senior Design and Steven with a degree in Computer Science, were both asked to join our software development team full time as a result of their efforts. With their one year anniversary of working at BEB coming up, we wanted to check in and get their opinion on what is it has been like to work at our location in Plano, TX.

    Q: Michael, what drew you to accept the offer of working at a nonprofit after school? What was appealing about BEB?

    A: “Working with Both Ends Believing during my senior year of college impowered me. The people in Both Ends Believing lit a fire in my heart.”

    Q: Steven, what is a day in the life like for a developer?

    A: “Being a developer is great. On an average day I can go from discovering a solution to a complex problem to exploring my creative side with user functions. Seeing the work come to life and knowing that people are going to use what I built is what gets me out of bed every morning excited for the day.”

    Q: Michael, what impact has BEB’s mission of transforming global child welfare had on you?

    A: “The company’s mission and the people at Both Ends Believing inspire me to work harder as a developer. Both Ends Believing’s mission was a large contributing factor in my improvement this past year.”

    Q: Steven, how have you changed since working for Both Ends Believing?

    A: “Working at BEB has opened my eyes to some of the struggles that children and families live with. I have learned that I can make a difference on even the largest of problems.”

    Q: Michael, what is the best part about working for BEB?

    A: “There are many good parts about working at Both Ends Believing. One of them is knowing that we are making a difference in so many children’s lives.”

    Q: Steven, in your opinion, what makes BEB different than other organizations?

    A: “Fellow co-workers. BEB is making big impacts to the global child welfare community. This all has to do with the passion that the people here have for helping children.”

    Q: Michael, what excites you for the future of BEB or what do you envision for the future because of BEB’s work?

    A: “Both Ends Believing is going to experience many new things ahead. One that most excites me is to see children fluently move further through our software and become even closer to finding loving families because of it.”

    Interviewing Michael and Steven was such a pleasure! We would not have made progress without the tireless efforts of these two young men. We are grateful to have found them and grateful they choose to work for us every day.

    Thank you Steven and Michael!! Keep up the great work!