Over the past two weeks, the Zambia BEB team has been traveling across the country to train homes and register children. They have had the opportunity to train 7 children’s homes with CFS. Each of these homes are linked to Zambia Without Orphans. 

    On average, the BEB team travels 4-6 times a month to visit children’s homes. Their visits usually take 1-3 days to train the children’s home workers, implement CFS, and create children’s profiles. Sometimes, the children’s homes are difficult to get to either due to rough terrain or flooding requiring the BEB team to walk to these homes. Sometimes, the children’s homes can be far away. Just within two weeks of traveling, the team covered over 2,000 kilometers (roughly 1,242 miles) making their way from northern Zambia all the way to southern Zambia.   

    Being able to visit 7 children’s homes in two weeks allows for many children to be registered in CFS at a much faster rate. Through the long, overnight trips, and often rough terrain, the BEB team is dedicated to helping children’s homes help the children in their care, find permanency through a forever family.