Around the world, millions of children are living as orphans when they could be in the arms of loving families.

BEB works to make that happen.


An estimated 8 million children live in orphanages and other institutions worldwide, but 80% are not orphans.1 Still, they languish, often for years in environments that pose a great risk to their social, emotional and cognitive development — as do children with no living relatives. The primary reason: countries lack the digital infrastructure designed to create visibility into who these children are, where they come from and how they might be moved to a better future. 


Without a digital identity, institutionalized children face a bleak future. 


1Children in institutions have impaired memory and executive function by age 16, Boston Children’s Hospital Science & Clinical Innovation, published 2019

BEB is bridging the technology gap

Children First Software (CFS) follows the principles of the Hague Convention, guiding authorities through a five-phase process that begins with the creation of a child’s digital profile and continues even after the child is reunited with relatives or adopted. 


One CFS implementation can unite thousands of children with families.

Together, we can end pain and loneliness for millions of institutionalized children

Thanks to donations made by people like you, BEB has already enabled countries to register over 15,000 children living in institutions. While we work to ensure those children keep on a path to finding families, we also seek to expand CFS in to new countries. 


Help end institutionalization of children.