Around the world, millions of children are living as orphans when they could be in the arms of loving families.


    BEB works to make that happen.


    8 million children live in institutions worldwide.

    Without a digital identity, institutionalized children face a bleak future. The primary reason: countries lack the digital infrastructure to know who these children are, where they come from, and how they might move back to family.


    A family makes all the difference in a child’s life.


    Institutionalized children often experience neglect that leads to increasingly poor mental and physical health. But when institutionalized children are placed in a nurturing family-based setting, those issues diminish.2 They thrive.


    BEB’s Children First Software is equipping governments to send children home.

    Children First Software can help unite thousands of children with families.


    Children First Software (CFS) follows the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, guiding authorities through a five-phase process that begins with the creation of a child’s digital profile and continues even after the child is reunited with relatives or adopted.

    Learn real stories of how CFS is sending children home. 

    Around the World, BEB’s First Fundraising Event

    This year, the BEB team hosted their first-ever fundraising event on September 16th in Dallas, Texas. The night was spent eating, drinking, dancing to live music, celebrating, and advocating the work that BEB is accomplishing around the world. We heard from a few of...

    The Expansion of Children First Software in The Gambia, Malawi, and Zambia

    Throughout the month of September, BEB has witnessed tremendous growth of Children First Software (CFS) in The Gambia, Malawi, and Zambia. BEB’s partnership with each of these countries has strengthened by meeting with their governments and working with the children’s...

    CAFO Summit 2023 

    This past week, 7 of the BEB team members had the opportunity to attend the CAFO Summit in Oklahoma City. This conference is an opportunity to build connections with fellow child welfare advocates and help strengthen many of our partnerships. Frank Garrott, Vice...

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    Through CFS, we can end pain and loneliness for millions of institutionalized children.

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