Around the world, millions of children are living as orphans when they could be in the arms of loving families.


BEB works to make that happen.


8 million children live in institutions worldwide.


80% of institutionalized children are not orphans.1 Still, they languish, often for years in environments that pose a great risk to their social, emotional and cognitive development — as do children with no living relatives. The primary reason: countries lack the digital infrastructure designed to create visibility into who these children are, where they come from and how they might be moved to a better future.


1Children in institutions have impaired memory and executive function by age 16, Boston Children’s Hospital Science & Clinical Innovation, published 2019

Without a digital identity, institutionalized children face a bleak future.

BEB is bridging the technology gap


Children First Software (CFS) follows the principles of the Hague Convention, guiding authorities through a five-phase process that begins with the creation of a child’s digital profile and continues even after the child is reunited with relatives or adopted.

One CFS implementation can help unite thousands of children with families.

A family makes all the difference in a child’s life.


Institutionalized children often experience neglect that leads to increasingly poor mental and physical health. But when institutionalized children are placed in a nurturing family-based setting, those issues diminish.2 They thrive.



Now that you know, how will you help?

Through CFS, we can end pain and loneliness for millions of institutionalized children.

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