8 million children around the world live in institutions.



    Every one of them has a story. But throughout their lives, some have lost pages – or even full chapters – leaving their story’s entirety to go untold.
    At BEB, we are dedicated to binding together a child’s whole story, so that they can be seen, understood, loved, and ultimately, cherished by a family.



    BEB is a global nonprofit that leverages a one-of-a-kind technology, Children First Software, to help children living in institutions unite with loving families.


    BEB works to bring an end to the systemic challenges that keep the world’s most vulnerable children living as orphans.


    Collaborating with country authorities around the world, BEB can bridge the technology gap with Children First Software, known as CFS.

    CFS follows the principles of the Hague Convention, guiding authorities through a five-phase process that begins with the creation of a child’s digital profile and continues even after the child is reunited with relatives or adopted. Through CFS,  we empower government authorities to move vulnerable children to their best future, a chance to grow and flourish in a loving family.


    Designed to transform the child welfare system and permanently change the way we see vulnerable children, Children First Software (CFS) is the only technology platform of its kind.

    Developed in partnership with Tyler Technologies, CFS works to create digital profiles of children living in institutions and orphanages around the world — activating the first of a five-phase process that follows the principles of the Hague Convention.

    Create a digital profile
    Build a Plan and Find a path to family
    Qualify prospective families
    Match a child to a family
    Ensure a successful placement

    With access to the child’s family history, demographics, and health records, social workers can better advocate for the child and begin the journey to place them in loving families.

    Scalable and configurable to each country’s unique needs, CFS empowers authorities to see and control a process that was previously absent and left children to languish for years in destitution.

    Through CFS, we can fix the child welfare system once and for all, ending pain and loneliness for millions of institutionalized children.

    BEB collaborates with governments and organizations around the world by sharing Children First Software to help fix the global child welfare system.


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    Read real stories of how CFS is sending children home. 

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    Through CFS, we can end pain and loneliness for millions of institutionalized children.

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