About BEB

    Through our technology Children First Software, we empower government authorities to move vulnerable children to their best future, a chance to grow and flourish in a loving family.


    Best-in-class software designed to capture the most comprehensive digital profiles of children in institutions and orphanages, activating a five-stage process designed to move vulnerable children to their best future.


    Easy-to-use technology delivers unprecedented visibility and control to central authorities in developing countries using the same data security protocols as U.S. governments.


    Mobile app enables social workers to travel to remote locations to register children regardless of internet connectivity, which is often lacking.


    Staffed by technology leaders with decades of experience developing and implementing software that positively impacts the way governments operate.


    Serving as a resource for training, empowering central authorities with best practices and delivering insightful reports.


    Catalyzing system leadership through a one-of-a-kind global network of child welfare officials from 28 countries, engaging dignitaries and exchanging insights that transform success in one country to success in another country.


    Impacting at scale with every implementation, every donation resulting in hundreds, thousands of institutionalized children being placed on a path to a loving family and a better future.


    Shifting conditions that drive positive systemic change in child welfare, children’s lives and global society.


    Building momentum from country to country, driving efficiencies that translate to supporting more children at a lower cost.


    Giving vulnerable children the opportunity to thrive in a loving family — one country at a time.




    Proponents of family-based care, leveraging software that follows the principles of the Hague Convention.


    Enabling efficiencies to reduce children’s lengths of stay in institutions, subsequently reducing physical, behavioral and cognitive damage.


    Contract directly with central authorities, empowering countries to do what’s in the best interest of each child while driving transparency and accountability.


    Serving as educators on the adverse effects of institutions and orphanages on children.