This year, the BEB team hosted their first-ever fundraising event on September 16th in Dallas, Texas. The night was spent eating, drinking, dancing to live music, celebrating, and advocating the work that BEB is accomplishing around the world. We heard from a few of our board members, country managers, one of our partners from Nigeria, and the BEB President. We also shared a powerful video of an Ethiopian boy, Fekadu, who was rescued from the streets and placed in a children’s home to later be reunified with his biological mother through the work of Children First Software (click here to watch the inspiring video). Read some of what Luke Morrow, BEB Board Member, shared at the event:  

    “For most children who live in institutions, their future is bleak. It is not likely they will return to family, and growing up in a children’s home does not nurture or equip them for a full life and a future. And for those children who have the hope of family through adoption, the process is near-impossible. Children are waiting in a broken child welfare system and living in an environment that will never give them the spiritual, emotional, and physical care they need to realize their full potential. Every day they wait, they miss the attachments that can help them develop as human beings who will contribute to their communities. Their waits can be endless and their paths hopeless. BEB is offering a solution to this problem in the countries where we work and countless others that will partner with us. BEB is unique – instead of helping one child at a time, we are striving to help thousands upon thousands by bringing systemic change.” – Luke Morrow   

    Our hope is that we are able to continue telling our story at events like this one for many years to come, to raise awareness and gather support from old and new faces.