Fabiola Pineda, BEB Latin America Regional Director, shares a story of two brothers reuniting in her home country, Honduras. Both of the boys were abandoned at a hospital at birth never knowing they had a sibling. One brother was in a children’s home in the northern part of Honduras and the other brother was in the southern part. 

    Many years later, both of the children’s homes implemented Children First Software and they quickly realized there was a connection with the two siblings. The homes immediately started working towards reuniting the two brothers and now they live in one children’s home together. 

    Pineda stated, that the two brothers “do not have a mom or a dad but they have each other, a brotherhood, in one home together.” Without CFS, these two boys would have most likely lived their whole life without knowing they had a sibling. Now, they know they are not alone. 

    “I signed up for BEB because to me it’s not a job, it’s my life mission.” – Fabiola Pineda 

    Click the link to watch the full testimonial: https://vimeo.com/968189019?share=copy