Children First Software

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    Create a digital profile

    At the local level, advocates identify and create a comprehensive digital record for each institutionalized child, including birth, family, health, special needs and education. All data fields are configurable, including unique identifiers, fingerprints and DNA.

    Find a path to family

    Adhering to the priorities outlined in the Hague Convention, the system allows each country to define and complete the steps required to determine if a child can be reunified with their biological family or if they are eligible for kinship care, foster care, or domestic or international adoption.

    Qualify prospective families

    If a child cannot be reunified with biological family, matching them with the correct adoptive family is critical. To do that a family registry is administered by the foreign government to electronically collect information on prospective families in an organized, transparent way. Data, which reflects best practices for administering a home study of prospective families, evaluates a number of factors, including a family’s capacity to care for children with special needs.

    Match a child to a family

    Through CFS, local government authorities are able to obtain critical information through the software’s matching system, enabling them to connect children eligible for placement with adoptive families who meet key criteria. Instead of sifting through hundreds of files, decision-makers can carefully consider only potential families who uniquely match with the child’s needs.

    Ensure a successful placement

    With a focus on the child, the system enables monitoring post-placement for both reunifications and adoptions, enhancing governmental oversight through regular reporting, as well as informing continuous improvement to processes by documenting factors that lead to successful placements.

    Scalable and configurable to each country’s unique needs, CFS enables those working on behalf of children to see and control a process that was previously absent and left children to languish for years in destitution.

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