The DINAF Director in Honduras, Attorney Dulce Villanueva, had the opportunity to visit Dallas, Texas, and meet with the BEB team to discuss the positive impact that Children First Software (CFS) has had, and can have on the country of Honduras. Attorney Villanueva shared her passion for helping the vulnerable children of Honduras and set up a plan to help spread awareness about BEB and CFS. Since her visit to Texas, she has worked with her team and BEB to organize a meeting with various adoption attorneys from Honduras. The attorneys that attended represent different adoption agencies in Honduras and throughout the world in countries such as the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, and Germany. The meeting gave an opportunity to share the partnership between BEB and DINAF, as well as give a presentation on Children First Software (CFS). Fabiola Pineda, Honduras Country Manager, shared the importance of CFS and the possibilities of creating and maintaining electronic files for every adoption process.

    The attorneys and DINAF employees who attended the meeting expressed interest in using CFS and stated that if this option could lead to a faster adoption process, they would be on board to scan and upload files to CFS. Attorney Villanueva made it clear that this is the first of many meetings to come with more attorneys for the common cause to expedite reunifications and adoptions in Honduras.

    “Let’s not waste our time anymore, let’s do it for the children of Honduras.”

    Attorney Dulce Villanueva

    Director, DINAF