Marcia Johnson


    ​Marcia Johnson has served on the board of the Gesner-Johnson Foundation since 1993. The foundation provides funding to organizations who serve the underserved. Her special interest has always been on organizations who aid the healing and growth of women and children. To this end, Marcia joined the Both Ends Believing board to ensure that every child is encompassed by a loving family. Marcia brings resources, individuals and organizations working domestically and internationally into partnership with Both Ends Believing to help international countries move their lost children from institutions into loving families.

    Marcia helped to build a Christian film and video company and a homeschooling/charter school curriculum business, both of which have been sold. She now lives in Leucadia, California. She is the mother of three grown children, with four grandchildren. Her passion is creating ceramic art, and she enjoys golf, the ocean and outdoor activities.