More countries sign on to use Children First Software to help end institutionalization of their children

    BEB experiences rapid growth in first half of 2022 with its software being used in 8 countries

    Plano, Texas  Texas-based technology non-profit Both Ends Believing grows in 2022 as four new countries now partner to use Children First Software. BEB offers its software platform to governments at no cost and puts an expert team on the ground to facilitate implementation of, and training on, the software. The goal of CFS is to equip governments to create digital files for all their institutionalized children and move them to families. To date, over 30,000 children have profiles in the system – representing 273% growth in three years.

    CFS, developed by BEB and Tyler Technologies, is a cloud-based application that contains six modules that help countries and their child welfare workers do the following: 1) register a child; 2) build a plan to move the child to family; 3) investigate best family placement for the child – reunification, kinship care, foster care or domestic or international adoption; 4) qualify families who are ready to adopt; 5) match and place the child with a family when biological reunification is not in the best interest of the child; and 6) follow up and monitor the placement. 

    Entering 2022, CFS was used by the governments of Uganda, Honduras, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. Since then, Ecuador, Paraguay, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and the DEBO Alliance for Children in Ethiopia have signed Memorandums of Understanding with BEB and are now implementing CFS.

    BEB President, Mark Schwartz, shares, “Countries currently using CFS and creating digital identities for the children in their care are reporting a transformational change in their ability to execute on individual plans and safely move each child to a family. As these countries share their success with peers in their regions, we are now seeing a rapid acceleration in the number of countries using CFS and expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future.”

    Leticia Ocampos, Director of Human Rights of the Ministry of Children and Adolescents of Paraguay shares, “The system (CFS) is extremely important for us, as to stop the child from being seen as just another brick in the wall and to ensure their rights through our national protection system. Through CFS we can see each child’s access to education, recreation, and a life plan, and through BEB we can make it possible for each child to live with a family.”

    As CFS expands to new countries, thousands more children will experience the love of family. These governments along with BEB are working diligently to ensure this dream becomes a reality.