Throughout the month of September, BEB has witnessed tremendous growth of Children First Software (CFS) in The Gambia, Malawi, and Zambia. BEB’s partnership with each of these countries has strengthened by meeting with their governments and working with the children’s homes to start the implementation of CFS. Though the process of implementing CFS looks different in every country, it is critical that the first step is establishing strong relationships with the governments and children’s home workers. Through the strengthening of partnerships, there is further collaboration, ultimately advancing the work of CFS and giving the opportunity for more children to be homeward bound.  

    “There are currently more than four thousand children’s homes in the country of Malawi, but coordination and access to quick information have been difficult to access. The implementation of Children First Software will not only help improve the upbringing of children but it will also help the government facilitate the needs of each children’s home.” – Nandera, Social Welfare Commissioner in Tanzania