In Uganda, the Court of Law requires all children’s homes to bring each new child before a Magistrate and sign an Affidavit stating that the child is legally under the care of the home. Through this process, the child must be present in court for the Magistrate to grant a Care Order to the children’s home. 

    Through Children First Software (CFS), a social worker at Agape Baby’s Home was able to legally register a child by presenting her tablet to a Magistrate instead of carrying the child to court. The child was ill and was not able to attend. The social worker decided to take her tablet and use the child’s profile on CFS as evidence to match the identity. The social worker was unsure if this tactic would work. After presenting the child’s profile on CFS, the judge’s paperwork and digital identity of the child matched, and the Magistrate granted a Care Order to Agape Baby’s Home. 

    This victory may seem small, but it allows convenience for the child, social worker, Magistrate, and children’s home. The social worker and Magistrate now have more time to accomplish other tasks at hand instead of scheduling a separate meeting for one child. The children’s home can take care of the ailing child, even while getting a Care Order for them. 

    As CFS continues to develop, children’s homes will have the opportunity to become increasingly efficient. Through efficiency, more and more vulnerable children will get placed into loving, forever families!

    ‘‘CFS is much more beneficial than we ever imagined. I never thought the Magistrate could consider a digital record to sign the child’s Care Order.”

    The child's social worker